At Aurora Hill Dental - Darrell F. Schuler, DDS, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I highly recommend Dr. Schuler the best dentist I have ever had!! The entire office was kind and took great care of me."
    Monica R.
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Schuler's office for anyone who is searching for a great dental home! I am a Dental Hygienist who helps all offices around the metroplex when needed. I have had the pleasure to assist Dr. Schuler's office as a Hygienist on multiple occasions. With that being said... Dr. Schuler and staff have always made me fill welcomed and appreciated. The one thing that stands out to me most, is the honesty and respect Dr. Schuler has for his employees and patients. His work is done to perfection, and he is always sure to explain all information prior to planning treatment to better the patients needs. If you are looking for a Office with welcoming staff members, a Dentist that listens to your concerns and is always looking out for your best interest, Dr. Schuler's office is the place to go!"
    Mandy R.
  • "Great place. Great staff. Excellent service. A visit will convince you."
    Joy A.
  • "Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this team if you are looking for a dentist."
    James G.
  • "As a business owner I believe peoples time has worth. I missed an appointment. The doc was professional. Very comfortable and gives you comprehension that fits for you. I've been around the Perfect Teeth, Comfort Dentals...not even close to this group. The guy saved me money! Great work and I will keep referring people.
    Mark T.
  • "I so appreciate Dr. Schuler. I didn't get dental work here but I was able to go for a second opinion on some dental work recommended. I felt what I was recommended was excessive. He listened to my concerns and spent a ton of time reviewing my xrays. He offered to go over it with me as many times as I needed. He gave me a flossing demonstration and flossed with me! I also appreciated that he gave me a lot of recommendations for resolving problems like sensitive teeth and mouth guards (whether needed or not). His recommendations started with conservative and inexpensive options but he also seemed very knowledgeable about the advanced options as well. Dr. Schuler is well established in the Aurora area and keeps up on the latest dental knowledge. As soon as I am eligible for dental insurance through my employer, this will be my new dentist."
    SL R.
  • "Dr Schuler is the best dentist in the front range. He is extremely knowledgeable, gentle, and experienced (it took him 20 minutes to do 3 of my fillings without any pain or anxiety)! Many dentists have told me I needed several expensive treatments, and I went two years without a cleaning or any prophylactic care because at the time, I could not afford a deep cleaning (and it turned out it was unnecessary). Dr Schuler is upfront and honest and will recommend the best and most accurate treatments for you, and his costs are very reasonable. I won't ever see another dentist in this area, and I won't need to, because if I leave, I'm taking him with me (it has taken me 27 years to find the perfect dentist)! His staff is lovely and it's full of beautiful smiles in there (including yours, because he makes sure of it)!"
    Camille B.
  • "Dr. Schuler has been my dentist for approx. 13 years. It's no accident that I've gone from being very nervous before my first appointment to being completely relaxed, and confident in his results. He and his staff are very friendly and thoroughly professional. His attention to detail, as well as his consistent concern for the comfort of his patients leads me to highly recommend him."
    Jim B.
  • "Dr. Schuler was great very attentive and patient. He gave me options and talked me thru the whole procedure. I had never been to a dentist office like this will definitely recommend to every one. The staff is really nice and you can see the like what they do."
    Irene H.
  • "My family and I have been going to Dr. Schuler for over 16 years, he truly is an amazing dentist. Chris at the front desk is always there with a smile. We all enjoy going to the dentist. Thank you Dr. Schuler!!!!!!"
    Tiffani S.
  • "An absolutely wonderful dentist, the staff is amazing! My family highly recommends Dr. Schuler and Aurora Hills Dental Practice!"
    Jason R.
  • "Excellent experience-great staff, knowledgeable and friendly doc, nice office"
    Ian R.

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